Renaissance Festival

Before I get into describing our trip to the Renaissance Festival, I’d like to say that I received a criticism from someone in a LinkedIn writers’ group that I was writing too much about my personal life.  Well, when I write in this blog, it is about what I personally want to write about.  When I guest blog on other blogs, I write what my editors want.  So this blog will continue to be personal, controversial, and honest.  As always, your opinions and likes are welcome.

My sister, brother-in-law, their 2 kids, and I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota yesterday and my legs are still tired.  The festival grounds are so big that we made it only halfway around.  It was our first time at the festival in 9 years.  My niece had been to the festival before but she was a baby; my nephew had never gone.  I bought a pentacle pendant for my Thor’s Hammer necklace from a jewelry kiosk; I was going to have my fortune told but didn’t get around to it.  My nephew won a plastic sword in a game.

We toured the Mermaid Cove, the Hobbit Hole, saw numerous entertainers, ate pickles, ice cream, and turkey legs, and saw the Washing Well Wenches perform.  Note to self:  next time only check out the family-friendly entertainment when the kids are around.  It was bawdy but funny.

We had good weather, not too hot and not too cold.  We are already planning to go next year.

It was a nice break from the Twin Cities and all my problems here.  I left a LinkedIn group after being personally attacked by someone and the other members, including the group owner, did nothing about it.  I am still angry about that one but have decided to let it go and concentrate on my own groups.  I am still uncertain about when I’ll return to work.  But yesterday was a good day.



4 thoughts on “Renaissance Festival

  1. I am with Ellen, It’s your blog, write what you want! i do on mine too and it is just fine! Glad you have fun at the fair. My sister and brother-in-law used to work at the renaissance festivals and now my niece is a belly dancer at the one her in Colorado! Lots of fun!

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