State Fair Time

Note to my fafithful readers:  thanks for following this blog.  As you may know, I am leaving my job for health reasons and my last day is Sept. 7.  Because I’ll have more time on my hands as I heal, I’ll likely write more blog entries.

After an emotional week, it was fun to go to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday and not talk about our issues.  The State Fair is one of the largest in the county and many people go every year.  This was the third time in my life I have come.  It tends to be the same from year to year, except for a few new things, and that can be comforting.

I went with my parents, my sister, and her children.  My brother-in-law was in France for pleasure and couldn’t come.

We bought our tickets at Cub Foods (local grocery store) for $9 apiece.  Normally adults are $12 and seniors and children are $10.

We did the usual (Little Farm Hands, chocolate malts at the Dairy Building, a brief peek at butter sculptures, the Skyway, and looking at quilts).  For the first time we participated in the Giant Sing-Along, group karaoke, and that was a lot of fun.

The weather was very cool in the morning but soon got hotter.  We brought water with us and bought food there (fried potato chips on a stick, sub sandwiches, corn dogs).



5 thoughts on “State Fair Time

  1. We have a fair that is similar where I am from in Western Massachusetts called the Big E… it is coming up and it is very excited for the same reasons you were excited for yours. 🙂

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