Endings and beginnings

I gave notice at work yesterday.,  My last day will be Sept. 7.  It’s bittersweet.  I will miss my team and managers but not the craziness.  The managers took it well (I said I was leaving for personal reasons and to pursue other opportunities and that I would be happy to work with Adecco in the future).  They already have someone in mind to replace me, who already works at 3M.  So it’s a good ending.  One of my coworkers, who’s also an Adecco employee, and I are going to keep in touch via email at her request.

I don’t know what the future will bring and that is scary but I am trusting the gods, goddesses, and my ancestors whom I work with to help me through it.  I see a therapist next Friday and my doctor again on Sept. 21.  Last night I got the best night’s sleep I had in a while.  My parents are supportive and they and I have money.  I hope to go back to work, at least part-time, in a few months.  I may get voc rehab’s help.

I am planning to make this new chapter in my life as positive as possible.  Our town is having the One Book One Rosemount program and I plan to participate.  The book is Moon over Manifest.  I ordered it from the library.  Then I plan to check out a Unitarian church in Bloomington.  Unitarian churches are open to people of all faiths, or of none; for more information, see http://www.uua.org

I also may volunteer, when I can.

As a last resort, I would apply for Social Security disability.  I was on it for 2 years before.

A good thing–a guest blog post I wrote for the Loyalty Scheme Blog in the UK was published on Thursday.  It can be found at http://www.iamloyal.co.uk/blog/customer-service-drives-loyalty-to-your-website.  So now I have been published on both sides of the Atlantic.  My editors and I invite comments on the blog.  I plan to work soon on another guest blog, this one on education, for a LinkedIn connection, and have another guest blog assignment in September. 

No matter what, I intend to keep writing and getting published.



4 thoughts on “Endings and beginnings

  1. It’s normal to be scared after a step this big. But then: As you said: It’s a new beginning – and that is so much positive thinking that I’m convinced you’re going to do great!!

  2. Remember to guage your progress Lisa. You need to see where you were and where you are going. The valleys always have hills you will need to climb. Take breathers while doing that part, but keep climbing. The beauty that is on top will leave you breathless, and you are worth the exhileration and view.

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