Of the Olympics and Frodo

I am really enjoying watching the Olympics this year with my family.  We watched the opening ceremony from Buffalo Wild Wings in Eagan on July 27, and I was enthralled by all of it.  I especially liked the depication of the Industrial Revolution, Kenneth Branagh and J.K. Rowling’s performances, and the skit involving the Queen and James Bond.  In the evenings my mom and I will watch the highlights from that day. 

I especially enjoy women’s gymnastics and have been taping that to watch later.  I was watching Jordyn Wieber from my home state of Michigan, and was happy when the USA team won the gold and Gabby Douglas the all-around.

I will be sad when the Olympics are over this Sunday because they have been so fun to watch.  I have also been keeping track of events from my work computer, as we can surf the Net when we’re not on a call.  I am looking forward to the 2014 Winter Games and the 2016 Summer Games.

August 1 would have been Frodo’s 15th birthday and I missed him a lot this week.  I didn’t celebrate his birthday when he was alive because every day with him was a gift.  Someday I hope to have other cats, not to replace Frodo, but to have other companion animals to love.


16 thoughts on “Of the Olympics and Frodo

  1. I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics too, especially he gymnastics and basketball, track and field and swimming. I’m looking forward to to see what the closing ceremonies will be like. Danny Boyle did a great job with the opening section.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    This is my first visit to your blog and I’m sure it’s the first of many. I did enjoy reading your thoughts on the Olympics even though mine are not all so positive. Over here in England our televisions have been absolutely full of it and the normal tv schedule has been hugely affected, much to my disapproval — I do love Eastenders! However, I too enjoyed the skit with our Queen and James Bond, it was wonderful and very well thought out and I wouldn’t have missed it even for Eastenders.
    Kindly yours,

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for the nice article on the Olympics. They were really somethng very special this year and I enjoyed watching what little I did watch. The opening on the first day was absolutely fabulous and I must admit I had tears in my eyes when Andy Murray won the first gold for the United Kingdom. Just love it.

    In reference to Frodo, I can understand how you feel. It has been four years since Clay has been gone and this was the first year that I did not think about his birthday when it came around. Only time heals deep wounds.

    Nice article Lisa. I enjoyed it.

  4. The most surprising thing for me was the skit with the Queen and James Bond. I think they did a great job on most things, at least from a TV point of view. I’m glad I wasn’t actually there for the traffic and crowds. I didn’t watch as much this time as previous games, but what I did see was covered well. In Australia, we saw a completely different perspective from what you would have seen in the US. The previous three games I saw in the US and it was really always a US-centric view, almost as though no others existed. Australian coverage went more that was this time, and I wasn’t as happy with it.

    The gymnasts are amazing, so I hope you enjoyed them. I liked the track and swimming more. What most interests me is the dedication it takes to just get into the teams – people all over the world doing their best to be part of it, and we see pretty close to the best of the best from each country. Human endeavor is an amazing thing.

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