Living in Rosemount

Since 2010 I have lived in Rosemount, MN, a suburb of 21,000 people in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.   Rosemount was settled in the 1800s by Irish settlers who had gotten off the train there, and the city still retains its ethnic identity.  The high school team is called the Irish and the annual hometown festival is called Leprechaun Days. 

We go to the festival every year.  It is held in late July in lieu of Fourth of July festivities.  It features a parade (this year my niece and sister marched with the Girl Scouts), music, fair in Central Park (we went last night and it was fun), and fireworks, which we saw from my sister’s house last night.  There are many other activities for adults, teens, and children; for more on the festival, see




4 thoughts on “Living in Rosemount

  1. Hi,
    It seems as if you live in a nice quaint little town with lots of happy people and that you are happy there. I am happy that you are happy and next year I know to wish you Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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