Weekend Thoughts

I’m still reeling from the massacre at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado early yesterday morning.  Twelve people were killed and 59 injured, including children.  To me, going to the movies is commonplace and fun, and I don’t worry about my safety–until now.  I first heard about the shooting when I got up yesterday morning–I had taken the day off to work on a guest blog post (more about that later) and I was surfing the Net before I went upstairs to have breakfast.   I posted a question on LinkedIn about the massacre and 26 people have responded so far. 

In between working on my guest blog post and going to a therapist appointment, I watched CNN’s coverage.  It was sad to hear about the victims, especially the young aspiring sports writer who escaped a mall shooting in Toronto last month only to be killed in this one, and a young man who died on his 27th birthday. 

I was talking about the shooting with my Befriender from church, Michelle, this morning at Wendy’s.  We had gotten together as we usually do, several times a month, to have a Coke and talk.  I had lunch as well.  A Befriender is a lay minister who develops a caring relationship with a person in emotional and spiritual need–some churches call this person a Stephen Minister.  Michelle and I have been meeting since November, when I contacted the church for help in my grief over Frodo. 

As I mentioned, I have been writing a guest blog post this week for the Loyalty Scheme Blog out of London, England (http://www.iamloyal.co.uk/blog) published by the Institute of Customer Loyalty.  I was invited to do so by James Carter, of the Institute, who asked a question on LinkedIn about customer behavior which I answered.  The blog comes out on a daily basis and the Guest Blogger Program starts this Monday.  I told the administrator of the blog that I would get my entry in by the 30th, if not sooner, but I plan to get it in by this Monday in case there is need for revision.  The thesis of my blog entry is that customers can be loyal to an online website and I’m using Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) as an example.  I’ll let you know what happens.



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