Summer Sunday 2012

My church, Community of Hope, is having a July sermon series called “A Day With Jesus At The Lake.”  Today’s sermon was about Jesus calming the storm (Matthew 8).  It must have been some storm to scare the fishermen/disciples in the group.  Jesus was sleeping but they woke Him up and he rebuked the wind and the waves.  Jason Lovold, our executive pastor, said Jesus can calm the storms in our lives too.  I have found that to be true.  I had some serious storms last year, with the passing of Frodo and Grandma, but this year seems to be more smooth sailing for me.

We also had teens and college students sharing about their mission trips to Mexico and a U.S. Indian reservation.  They talked about the conditions under which they ministered, what they did with the people, and how God became more real to them.  One girl was from my women’s ministry and I ate with her and her mom at a retreat this spring.  I didn’t know she was going to Mexico.  She talked about the lack of privacy, the poor hygiene conditions, the heat, and the guns the policemen had who were stationed nearby. 

Today is National ice Cream Day and after a nap I went for ice cream at Dairy Queen with my parents (I suggested the trip).  My mom and I had Blizzards (she had a Snickers and I had a Chocolate Xtreme) and my dad had a caramel shake.  The ice cream was very good.

I may be guest blogging on the Loyalty Scheme Blog which comes out of the UK, but still plan to keep this blog up as much as I can.  I wrote a query email to the two in charge of the blog, pitching an idea I had and also asking some questions.  The blog is about customer service and I plan to blog about my experiences and loyalty to Amazon and Lands’ End.  It starts July 23rd and will be indexed on Facebook and Twitter.  I hope it works out that I guest blog for them as I really want to do it.


4 thoughts on “Summer Sunday 2012

  1. As you were writing about “calming the storm,” I thought about our current Vacation Bible School theme-Anything is Possible with God! So far the children learned that “no matter WHO you are-trust God!” Day 2 was-“No matter HOW YOU FEEL-Trust God!” Yes, God has control!
    You can check out our decorations at my blog:

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