Trying to Keep Cool

We had some record hot days this week, hitting over 100 two days (July 4 and 6).  The normal high is 84.  I’m keeping cool by drinking plenty of water and wearing polo shirts everywhere (to work with slacks, everywhere else with shorts).

We had a great church service this morning.  I’m glad we can wear shorts to Community of Hope as it was 81 when I got out of church at 10:00 am.  I’m enjoying that church more and more as I see women from the women’s ministry whom I know, and hear good teaching.  Today we heard from Jason Miller, our teaching pastor, who preached from Mark 1:14-20, when Jesus calls the first disciples from their fishing boats on the Sea of Galilee.  Jason told us that not everyone today is called to leave their jobs as the disciples did, but we are called to follow Jesus and put down our own nets.  He challenged us to listen to Christ to see what He is calling us to do.

Tomorrow I am taking off as I have chores to do, and a cleaning at the dentist’s, but it’s back to work on Tuesday.  On the 25th I will celebrate one year at 3M.


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