Ordinary Time

I used to be a Catholic, and the Catholic Church calls this time in its calendar “Ordinary Time” as it’s not a major season like Advent, Christmas, Lent, or Easter.  There are 34 weeks of Ordinary Time in the year.

For the most part things are going well for me this season–my contract job is great, and I will be marking 1 year there on the 25th, with the possibility of more years to come.  After a month without health insurance, I got insurance in May through a state high risk pool.  I still struggle with loss and grief, but I got prayed over at church for it and I started counseling again on Thursday.

I am enjoying the beautiful summer days, although I don’t like it too hot, and love sitting outside during breaks at work when it’s sunny.

I have off on the 4th–look for another blog post–and plan to have dinner with my family and go to church.


4 thoughts on “Ordinary Time

  1. Love the thought behind “ordinary time.” I like it when life is ordinary. I thank God for ordinary days. I prefer them to days filled with drama! I’m glad life is smooth and ordinary for you right now!

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