Memorial Day 2012

I had a 3-day weekend, and today I had a little ritual to remember my dead, especially those who served in the military.  I have ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War, Civil War (Union side), World War I, the Korean War era, and the Cuban missile crisis era.  I like the prayer given in Galina Krasskova and Raven Kaldera’s book, Exploring the Northern Tradition.  When I recite this prayer, I call the names of my ancestors as much as I know them, including family pets.  I face bookshelves that double as an altar, and look at the mementos I’ve kept (Frodo’s collar, a sympathy card I got from Frodo’s vet’s practice, a keepsake that my Aunt Carol made to honor Frodo, the imprint made from one of Frodo’s paws after he passed away, letters from my Grandma Ledo, and lists of ancestors, among other things).

I remembered my Grandma Ledo (Grandma Osenbaugh) today because she told me about Decoration Day, which is what Memorial Day was called until the 1960s.  It was celebrated on May 30 every year, regardless of the day of the week it fell on. 


Frodo’s residency at Rainbow Bridge

Thank you to all who have left messages on my blog.  I really appreciate your interest and kind thoughts.

The day after Frodo passed away, I enrolled him on the Rainbow Bridge site.  Here is his address for those who would like to visit:

I’ve maintained the residency; feel free to leave comments there if you would like.  I chose Summer for his season there as he always enjoyed the sun.  He would lay in the window sill every place we lived, staring out. 


Frodo’s first night with me

Frodo was 9 weeks old when he came to live with me on September 27, 1997 in my junior 1 bedroom apartment (i.e. studio apartment) in Tucson.  My friend Trish had driven me to pick him up from the humane society, and drove us home.  Now I was alone with him.

He had been neutered earlier that day, and the humane society instructions told me not to let him run around.  But that’s exactly what he did, sniffing at everything, checking the place out.  When I could, I picked him up and put him in the litter box, hoping he’d know where to go.

He had the biggest eyes, ears, and paws, and was the wildest thing I’d ever seen.

The instructions said not to let him jump, so I decided I would sleep on the floor with him.  By this time he was crying.  I held him and he calmed right down.  I settled on the floor, but that hurt my back, so I decided to pick him up and settle him in bed with me (bypassing the instructions).  We fell asleep about 10 pm, Frodo resting on my chest, listening to my heartbeat.

Four hours later, I was awakened by meows–Frodo was up and wanted to jump off.  He was too little to navigate the bed, so I settled him on the floor.  More running around.  It was 2 am.  Luckily I wasn’t working at the time, so I could set my own hours.

I took Frodo to our complimentary vet visit later that day, and the vet said it was OK to let him run around if he wanted to.  Good thing.  He measured in at about 6 inches long and 2.1 pounds, which the vet said was normal.

Remembering Frodo and Grandma/catching up

April 26, 2012 was the first anniversary of Frodo’s passing and also would have been Grandma Osenbaugh’s 94th birthday.  I still miss both of them a lot.  That day was busy for me as I worked 8.75 hours at 3M (for a coworker) and keeping busy took my mind off things for the most part.  Then I came home, crashed, and cried a little.  I felt better after that.  I called my friend Jean and she listened.  We talked about her stuff too.

I haven’t written in 3 months, mostly because I’ve been so busy.  I got through the colonoscopy OK.  I found out I had 2 abnormal polyps, which was good to know, and I had them removed.  I have to have another colonoscopy in 5 years.  The prep was worse than the procedure but the procedure was pretty painful.  I plan to ask for more sedation and pain medication next time.

Today is Beltane.  Happy Beltane to one and all.  It is an ancient fertility festival (people would pair off and try for children) as well as celebrating the earth’s fertility this time of year.  We are having an early spring and I am enjoying every moment of it.  Although we had a mild winter, and a beautiful March, I am always happy for spring.