Heathen holidays

Today I wanted to discuss the holidays I celebrate.

I celebrate 8 pagan/heathen holidays which occur roughly 6 weeks apart:

1. Yule (which I celebrate from Mothernight the night before the Winter Solstice, the Solstice itself, through New Year’s Day)–some heathens celebrate a whole month but I observe for the 12 Days only

2.  Imbolc/Disting (also known as Groundhog Day; February 2)–a day to celebrate the beginnings of spring; a day for blessing the plough and other work objects

3.  Spring Equinox in March

4. Beltane (April 30)–a time to honor the earth’s fertility

5. Summer Solstice in June

6.  Lammas on Aug. 1 (the first harvest)

7. Fall Equinox in September

8.  Samhain/Winternights in late October around Oct. 31–a time to honor my ancestral dead and get ready for winter

I also celebrate Christmas and family birthdays.  Happy Holidays to all!


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