A typical Sunday

I use Sunday to get ready for the next work week as I work Monday-Friday.  I hard boil 3 to 4 eggs as I like to bring salads most days.  That takes about 40 minutes.  In between I do laundry and read the Star Tribune (the Minneapolis paper).

I make my own ice tea as well since it’s so expensive to buy it.  To make ice tea I use bottles I have left over from the last time I bought commercial ice tea.  For each bottle I heat 2 cups of water with a tea bag in the microwave for 3 minutes.  Then I let it steep for a while.  I will drink a bottle of ice tea with my breakfast each weekday morning (need the caffeine for the commute).  My mom taught me how to make ice tea.

I’ll make a salad for Monday once the eggs are done.  I like to have lettuce, olives, croutons, cheese (colby jack or cheddar), and cut up meat (ham, chicken, bacon, or turkey) on my salad as well as the hard boiled eggs.

I also love to play Sims Medieval, read, play games on my new Kindle Fire that my sister’s family got me for Christmas, and take a nap.  Sometimes my sister’s family will come over for dinner.  I’ll watch sports if it’s on, and go to bed early as I have to work Monday.  I make sure the alarms are set to 4:50 am.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention church.  That’s because I go very seldom.  I practice an eclectic spirituality (I’m more spiritual than religious).  I like to do a devotion every morning, remembering my ancestors (especially those who died recently), and on Sundays I try to say my pagan prayer beads (a pagan version of the rosary).  Currently I am practicing Northern Tradition paganism (Scandinavian/English/German for me) and also maintain ties to my Christian roots.  I’ll write more about my spiritual views later.


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