Downton Abbey

I enjoy watching TV, and Downton Abbey is my favorite show right now.  It comes on our local PBS station from 8-10 pm Sundays; the second season began last Sunday and runs through mid-February.  I find it fascinating:  the characters, the period (season two is about World War I Britain), the storyline.  I wish I had created the series.  Julian Fellowes is a gifted writer.

My favorite characters are Gwen, a housemaid turned secretary, and the Dowager Countess of Grantham, who is the matriarch of the family.  In fact, I took a quiz on the Guardian’s site (The Guardian is a newspaper in the UK) and found out my Downton Abbey character was the Dowager Countess.  That was fun.

One of my co-workers watches it too and we like to talk about it at work.

I’m excited to watch tomorrow night’s episode.  I tape it every Sunday night and watch it the next weekend, as I go to bed early on work nights.


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