Frodo the Feline (1997-2011)

Today I want to write about my cat Frodo, the first cat I ever owned (actually he owned me).  Frodo, a brown tabby DSH, was born on 8/1/97 and taken to an animal shelter in Tucson, AZ because the people who had him said they had too many cats (a reason to spay/neuter your animals).  He was there for 5 days when I saw him on 9/25/97, 8 weeks old, crying, stretching his little arm out.  He won my heart immediately.  I picked him up, he purred, and straddled my neck.  I returned the next day after getting permission from my landlord to adopt him, and after searching for him (his cage had been moved), I signed some papers and arranged to adopt him.  He had to be neutered, so I couldn’t take him home until the next day.

On 9/27/97 I celebrated my 30th birthday (two days early) with friends and Frodo got the gifts–yarn and a spray bottle for me to keep him in line (it worked sometimes).  My friend Trish drove me to the animal shelter and we picked up Frodo and took him home.

Frodo and I spent 13 1/2 happy years together and he’ll be featured off and on in this blog.  We moved back to Michigan in 1998.

I decided to move to Minnesota with him in 2010 after family relocated there, so I took Frodo to get a health certificate in October 2010, thinking it might be needed for the trip.  To my shock, blood tests revealed that he had kidney disease and he was given 3 to 5 good years to live.  He had lost 3 pounds, which I didn’t know.

I arranged to take him to the vet in Eagan shortly after arriving there, and he was treated for 5 months.  He fought bravely, but was declining, and I made the euthanasia decision.  Frodo went to the Rainbow Bridge on 4/26/11.


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