My first entry

I am new to blogging.  This is my very first entry.  My name is Lisa A. Nofzinger and I live in a suburb of Mpls-St. Paul, MN.  I am a published writer; my articles have been published in magazines called The Crucible and Positively New Mexico.  I plan to write more articles in 2012, as well as work on a novel.  I work a day job as a contract telephone operator at 3M Company in Maplewood, MN.


4 thoughts on “My first entry

  1. This is my 1st time reading a blog and actually commenting on one !! LOL.. so the whole world sees this when they clicked on your BLOG ?!? Hmmmm… is that good or bad ???
    Happy to know more about you, Lisa : ) … so in other words, a BLOG is like writing a diary but publishing it here for ALL eyes … ???? Sorry, I know I am “outdated”…. Just relocated from FV to CV !! LOL…. ; ))

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